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SCAM ALERT for business owners and managers!
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- Law in Plain English -

P.O. Box 60337, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17106-0337
Phone: 717-329-1027 | Fax: 800-717-5732

Flat rate and fixed fee legal services - eliminate the uncertaintly of hourly billing.
Monthly subscriptions available for business owners and nonprofits:
 the convenience of an in-house attorney at a fraction of the cost!
 For more information, call 717-329-1027 or e-mail
You have the right to expect that your attorney will:
   - give you personal attention,
   - work closely with you, and
   - use language that doesn't require you to have a law degree to understand.
This is law in plain English.
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The ultimate goal of JMT Law, LLC, is to create an ongoing personal relationship of mutual trust with clients to ensure they have the tools they need to uncomplicate their business and personal lives and to help them to achieve their goals.
A clear understanding of the legal requirements and documents essential to our lives and livelihoods helps to make things less complicated, less stressed, and more ordered
Located in central Pennsylvania, JMT Law, LLC, serves clients statewide and consults with attorneys and clients in other locations.
If you're a small business or nonprofit looking to refine your current business or expand into new areas;
if your business requires more "user-friendly" contracts and policies that are clear to your employees, suppliers, and customers;
if you want personalized assistance in preparing your personal documents and transactions in language you and your family can readily understand; or
if you're interested in state government contracts or grants -- JMT Law, LLC, is ready to work with you!  

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