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"Whereas the party of the first part, heretofore, according to custom and with the intention of being legally and contractually bound thereby, entered into, made, and expressed, as a result of the within premises and respective mutual covenants therein contained, an express contract with the party of the second part, which said contract was made and executed for good and valid consideration, the receipt of which was thereby acknowledged..."


There's no good reason for your legal documents to be written in arcane gobbledygook that makes your eyes glaze over!
You deserve legal documents written in clear, concise language that minimizes confusing and redundant provisions.

JMT Law's services are based on the principle that you shouldn't need a legal education to be able to understand your documents. Your attorney will work with you to make sure your documents say what you mean them to say -- while still including the terms you need to safeguard your interests, written in direct terms, without excessive complexity.